About Our Sessions


How to Apply

1. How long are the sessions?
Our sessions run for two hours, within these sessions’ children can take part in safe, creative play activities, which include:
Arts and Crafts, Team Games, Sports Games, Baking and………Slime Making!!

All of our sessions are child centred, it is very important to us to always ask the children, what they would like us to deliver within the sessions, to ensure they feel listened to, valued and as part of our team.

2. Do parents/carers attend with their child?
Our sessions are for children only to attend.
3. Can my child leave the session on their own?
Children must be collected by an adult.

However, children aged 11 years and over, are allowed to leave the session on their own, with permission from their parent/carer, however they will not be able to take home any younger siblings.

4. How much do sessions cost?
All of our indoor sessions are £1.00 per child, per session.
Our outdoor sessions are FREE.
5. What happens if sessions are cancelled?
In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, a session maybe cancelled. We will update our social media pages ASAP, should this happen.
6. How do you sign up?
You can complete a form online
Or you can complete a form at any of our sessions.
If you sign up online you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.- Monday to Friday. If completed over the weekend, you will receive a confirmation email by the following Monday.
If you have not received a confirmation email and your child attends a session the next day, staff may not have your child’s details. This means, you maybe asked to complete a form at the session.
When you complete a form online, the team need to ensure all information on the membership form is completed and entered correctly, which is why you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. 
Please be patient with us, we are trying our best.
7. Our Staff
All of our Staff are DBS Checked, First Aid trained, have Food and Hygiene Qualifications and Safeguarding, as well as other Play Work related qualifications, to ensure children are kept safe at all times.
8. How to contact us
If you have any questions, please contact us via:
Mobile: 07895 605941 Email: info@splatstaffs.co.uk
Facebook :SPLATStaffs
Twitter: @SplatStaffs
Instagram: @splatstaffs
9. Are food / drinks provided?
We do not provide snacks for children, we do offer children water during the session, however please encourage children to bring a bottled drink. 
We will be happy to refill this, with water. 
Please do not allow children to bring any fizzy, canned drinks or large amounts of food to the session. 
10. My child has learning support needs and may need one to one support?

We are really sorry, at the moment we are unable to offer any one to one support to children in our sessions.

We will update this information, when we are able to do so again.

Supporting children from all abilities and backgrounds, is something we are really passionate about, and are working hard to make this happen again.

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